Club Activities

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the school’s educational program, and various inter-house competitions are held. Participation in such activities contributes to the enhancement of the student’s personality. To explore the hidden talent and encourage involvement and cooperation, individual and group items are conducted house-wise.

Prof. S. Sivaprasad Memorial Literary and Debating Club

This club organizes discussions, debates, Spell Bee competitions, etc. Members meet once a week to discuss and debate ideas, emotions, and reviews of selected books on national and international issues.

Visual and Performing Arts Club

Aims at exploring the creativity and aesthetic sense innate in every child, encouraging them to express their originality and creative abilities.

Neelambari (Music Club)

The club aims to explore musical talents of the students.

Science Club

This club fuels curiosity and gives one the ability to put one’s idea into practice through experiments and observations. The club also organizes science exhibitions in the school.

Akshahridaya (Eco Club)

Aims to create among the students an awareness of the need to preserve our environment. The club members encourage planting trees and making our environment a plastic-free one.

Payaswani (Energy Conservation Club)

The objectives of the club are to undertake projects on energy conservation, acquire knowledge about energy conservation and spread awareness about energy conservation to the public.

Mathematics Club

Organizes activities like seminars, quizzes, exhibitions, and olympiads so as to create more interest in mathematics.

Social science club

Center for parliamentary practices, sustainable development, integrity, and heritage clubs aims at organizing discussions and workshops on democracy, peace, parliamentary practices, and sustainable development. The club aims to develop the twelve basic human values integrity, patriotism, tolerance, secularism, simplicity, honesty, compassion, responsibility, respect, nonviolence, and unity. The center acts as a catalyst for inculcating human values through seminars, workshops, activities, and social service. The purpose of the center is to familiarize the student community with the Guru’s teachings and philosophy on life skills. Preserving and passing on positive traits of Indian tradition is also aimed at. 

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club is dedicated to generate interest in general knowledge and selecting students for various quiz competitions. Inter-class quizzes for classes V to VIII are conducted during the academic year by the members of the Quiz Club.

Sports Club

A sound mind exists only in a sound body. The Sports Club organizes activities that increase children’s chances of becoming healthier adults. Participation in sports club activities builds self-esteem and a positive outlook. The following games are provided: foot ball, basket ball, volleyball, badminton, kho-kho, cricket, table tennis, throwball, tennicoit, handball, kabaddi and chess .

Cookery Club

Functions for creating interest in nutritious and homemade food among the present generation.

Health and Wellness Club

The club focuses on the students’ overall well-being, which includes their emotional, social, physical, and mental health. It acts as an enabling and organizational hub for activities related to various dimensions of health and wellness.

Prof. Sivaprasad Memorial Drama Club

A club to promote the creative and aesthetic talents of the students.

Yoga and Meditation Club

In this stressed-out life, there is a need to relax the mind. It is also very important to control emotions, especially for students. The yoga and meditation classes functioning in the school aim at providing physical alertness, mental serenity, and spiritual upliftment for the students. Every day, the school starts with meditation.


Chess can improve students’ social habits allowing students of dissimilar backgrounds to integrate with others. Chess helps build individual friendships and teaches children about sportsmanship.


SNPS provides constant training and memorizing the moves helps kids concentrate better. Their memory power improves, and they are able to learn things quicker and more efficiently.


Drama club provides platform to students who has talent, confidence and passion to do something unique. It promotes communication skills, teamwork, dialogue, socialization, stages terminology, working on acting skills, etc.

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