About Guru

Sree Narayana Guru, one of the greatest proponents and re-evaluators of Advaita Vedanta, the principle of non-duality put forward by Adi Shankara...

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Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

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About Our School

Sree Narayana Public School, Kollam was established in the year 1987 under the management of the Sree Narayana Educational Society, a voluntary, social and cultural organization, keeping with its aims of propagating and popularizing the great teachings of the Sree Narayana Guru- the  philosopher, social reformer and humanist. The Society quite appropriately gave priority to establish a Public School in Kollam, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, as a model centre of excellence.

The school which was started with 30 students has grown to such an extent with as many as 3000 students on its rolls. The school aims at all round developments of each student, provides opportunities for their physical , intellectual , moral and spiritual growth and helps to acquire the modern concepts of liberalism, socialism, secularism equality and fraternity.

The school has established itself as a temple of learning ensuring that students hone their skills in a wide range of fields enabling them to gain entry into popular professional courses and in emerging fields with greater confidence and poise capable of producing the very best citizens from this part of the country. The students appearing for the All India CBSE examinations of class X and XII secure 100% pass with distinctions, high first classes and merit certificates for their outstanding performance  consistently since1993 upholding the reputation of their school.

The school is located in a beautiful and spacious campus just 1 km away from Thattamala Junction off the National Highway NH-47 and is quite adjacent to the By-pass road from Thattamala, which passes through Mulluvila village. From Kollam the distance is almost 5 km to the school.


Sree Narayana Public School

Vadakkevila P.O.

Kollam-691 010

Tel: 0474- 2729132,2728214


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